How to Get Coin Master Free Coins?

If you are looking for an epic, adventurous game which even your little one can enjoy, Coin Master is the one for you. It will carry you to the Viking world of glory and fame. Get ready for some thrilling adventures in different islands and villages.

Coin Master - Free Coins
Coin master free coins

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What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a game developed for the mobile by Moon Active game developer. It can be played in Android, iOS, and Facebook- three formats. For playing the game, players spin the wheel for getting different items. These items are used within the game for helping the player to move ahead. You need to upgrade your Village as you are its Viking leader. You can use free coins for progressing in your game and winning more items.

Coin Master is developed while keeping the different age groups in mind. The game is trendy among adults and kids alike. The gameplay is very easy. All you have to do is spin the wheel for getting different items. The items you will get by spinning will then decide the game outcome as well as your progress. You can download Coin Master for free, but the game has in-app purchases of various items from the game store. Apple Game Card or Google Game Play can be used for purchasing the different items for the game.

Starting the Game

After beginning the game, the player receives 75,000 coins in the game account. You need to buy a Village that will cost you approximately 60,000 game coins. Every time you start building something in the Village, you will be rewarded a star. You can move to another village by earning 20 Stars.

After your Village is built, you can put the name of your choice to your game account. This will change the game account to your name. You can even connect your Facebook account to acquire more bonuses throughout the game.

After you are done with the essential requirements, you will be asked to swipe your mobile screen. This will display the slot machine for you. In the beginning, you are awarded eight free spins, but after this, you get only five free spins per hour.

How to Get Free Coins?

There are various Coin Master cheats that you can use to avail Coin Master free coins. Here are some simple steps to get free coins:

  1. Log out from your Coin Master account
  2. Set the date to a day forward.
  3. Log in to your game account to avail a free spin.
  4. After playing the spin, log out.
  5. Change the date to the original one and log in to play again.

Features of Coin Master

Some of the fantastic features of Coin Master are:

  • The game is based on a unique concept of slot machines and spinning.
  • People from all age groups enjoy playing the game.
  • The game offers beautiful characters for customizing.
  • The cool graphics are complemented with soulful music.
  • You can upgrade your Village by spinning the wheel.

Now that you know all about Coin Master free coins, get ready and start spinning!

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