Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Do you want to be the overlord of your kingdom? Are you a natural-born leader who is dying to show his or her potential to the world? Do you want to be rich? You can be all of the above in one go.

Simply play Coin Masters. (Queue the rotten tomatoes)

Ok agreed that this is a computer game, that also can be played on your mobile, but the basic purpose of this game is to turn your village into a ruling and rich kingdom. All of this is achievable with determination and perseverance. With this said, today you will find out how to play the game of Coin Master, the basics of Coin Master and how several tricks of the trade.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks
Coin Master Tricks and Tips

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What is Coin Master?

Coin master is a game that involves less of strategic logistics but more of fun and luck. In this game, you have the option of spinning the slot machine and trying your luck at winning at one of the three.

  1. Hammer– the hammer is one common item that you can win from the spin. Just because it is common, it does not mean it is of no importance. The hammer is used in the raid. You can use it for breaking the shield of the village that you are raiding. The hammer is a onetime used item and will disappear after you use it in a raid.
  2. Shield– the shield is one common item to gain from the spin. Use it to protect your village from any raids. This is also an item that will disappear after its one time use in a raid. Shields are one of the best safeguards that you can have for your village.
  3. Piggy– piggy is a rare find from the spin. This Piggy is just as important as it is rare. These piggy’s are super ninja raiders. They are used to raiding the game master village. The game master village is the village that has the most number of coins. So if you want to earn more coins in your raid, hope that you get a piggy from your spin so that you can get to raid the game master.

To become the ultimate player

  • When you intend to play the game, do not start by using your social networking accounts, instead, play as a guest? Take advantage of the guest account and spin out loads of coin.
  • After a while, you will not be able to gather benefits from the guest account. This is when you log in using your social network. Once logged in, you will see that you have 50 more spins on the slot machine and one million coins in your “virtual” bank.
  • Establish your village and secure it. As a good overlord of your village, you need to ensure its safety. Buy shields and hammers. Gain more coins by spinning the slot machine.
  • Log in daily to get benefits. By logging in everyday, you get 50 new spins.
  • Collect more cards. The rarer the cards, the more advantages you will unlock. You can unlock certain pets upon the completion of certain card collections. Unlock the pet tiger by completing the “beast” card collection and unleash your pet rhino with a complete “creatures” card collection. You pets enhance the protection of your village and also they aid in gaining more coins in your raids

Coin Master Tips

Coin master is one game that with its simple concept of developing your small village to a kingdom, this game is highly addictive and there are certainly many coin master tricks that can be utilized to gain unlimited coins. One such coin master tricks is that: to get more coins and spins, you can set the time on your mobile phone or computer forward. By setting them one day forward, you can gain the 50 spins, adding your spins to 100.

Have fun playing this game and make sure that your village rules.

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